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    Time to join a supportive community of Web3 Entrepreneurs & Doers!


    Connect with other members building and working like you in the Web3 space. Gain valuable business relations, solve challenges, get inspired, and grow your Web3 business.


    No more procrastination and delaying the achievement of your goals. You will be part of growth programs , and meet members who will be your accountability partners.

    Resources & Perks

    Join weekly PRO sessions, and mastermind groups. Learn from resources in our knowledge management system. Get perks for Web3 tools and conferences.


    Gain knowledge and experience from experts in the Web3 space, learn from their experience and take your Web3 business to the next level with their help.

    Your PRO benefits include

    Here is what we have prepared when you join the Web3 Doers PRO!


    • Bi-weekly Mastermind Sessions to solve your Web3 business challenges and help you get back on the growth track.

    • Bi-weekly Education Sessions to learn from Web3 experts knowledge and experience.

    • Monthly Speed Networking Sessions, so you can meet new members from the PRO community and create many exciting partnerships.

    • Monthly Web3 Doers PRO Meetups where we go through community updates and share our wins and goals for upcoming months.


    • Access to an Accountability Partner Program to help you do and build things faster, achieve your business goals, and grow together.

    • Weekly Mastermind Group Calls with 5 members dedicated to specific growth implementations.

    • Access to the Accountability Chat for all Growth Sprints for Monday check-in goals and Friday check-out achievements

    • Short Deadlines of 4 weeks to achieve Growth Sprint goals and show everyone your results.


    • Get exclusive access to the PRO Members-only Chat groups on WhatsApp to discuss your Web3 business challenges, help each other out, and grow together.

    • Discuss the latest Web3 trends, industry news, resources, conferences, and even more with Web3 Doers PRO members.

    • Get all the Behind the Scenes Insights of building the Web3 Doers community and direct access to Chris Koronowski, Founder of the Web3 Doers Ecosystem.


    • Priority Web3 Growth resources - lists, analysis, and trends shared with Web3 Doers PRO first, even weeks before anyone else.

    • Be first to know about the hottest new Web3 Growth Trends and tools spotted by Chris and community members.

    • Creating and launching your PRO Community Ideas - projects, workshops, and events inside the Web3 Doers Community to test them or get feedback from other members.

    • Access to PRO Knowledge Management in Notion with PRO Members List, Resources, Recordings from meetups, Collaborations, Services and more!


    • Get discounts or free access to Web3 Conferences, and Meetups around the globe.

    • Get discounts or free access to Web3 Growth & Marketing Tools.

    • Get discounts on whatever Web3 Doers are going to release as additionally paid products or services like courses, resources, features, online conferences, or events.

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    Meet the Founder of Web3 Doers

    Learn about Chris' story in the Web3 space and why Chris is building Web3 Doers!

    👋 Hey, Chris Koronowski here!

    I'm so glad you have arrived at this website and you are considering joining our PRO Community! 🙏My mission is to help you achieve growth and success in your Web3 journey. 🚀I've been in the tech industry for more than 15 years and gained my expertise in marketing, demand generation, community building, and sales.I learned about crypto in 2017 and joined actively the Web3 space in 2021 by creating content on LinkedIn and building the Web3 Doers Ecosystem.Currently, I'm a Growth Advisor to multiple Web3 - Blockchain, Metaverse, and AI startups, as well as building Web3 Content Repurposing Angecy.In less than 2 years I gained 17,000+ followers and LinkedIn TOP Voice recognition for the work on the Web3 Doers Ecosystem.I would love to see you in our PRO community and help you grow with my help and all the other incredible PRO members that we have! 💛

    All you need to know about PRO

    Learn what is the membership distribution and when we are launching the next mint.


    • Only 30 NFTs available to be minted in the 3rd cohort.

    • This cohort's Mint price is $1,000 and will never be cheaper.

    • The next Cohort subscription membership will be at $1,000 / year. So don't miss this opportunity for a lifetime membership pass!

    • If you can’t afford the membership - we will give 1 scholarship for every 10 minted membership passes. Apply for a scholarship!


    • Tuesday, February 20 - LinkedIn Live Power Session on "How to build a thriving Web3 Ecosystem in 2024" with step-by-step guide on what we plan to achieve this year!

    • Monday, February 26 - Start of the minting. Save your spot to get more information.

    • Monday, March 11 - End of the minting and the official start of the PRO Cohort #3 and onboarding of new members to the PRO community.


    • Your PRO membership helps in building the Web3 Doers Ecosystem and enabling 1,500+ members to grow together.

    • Thanks to YOU we can do way more of free online events, relaunch the podcast, and launch Web3 Doers Virtual Summit in November 2024!

    • We are spending hours daily keeping the Web3 Doers Ecosystem running. Maintaining and growing the ecosystem and this PRO community would be not possible without your financial support.

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    IN TOTAL: $9,948+ in value / year

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    This is the final opportunity to join Web3Doers PRO with a lifetime membership.After cohort #3, all memberships will be based on an annual or monthly subscription, so this is your last chance to join for a one-off payment of $1,000.

    What you get:

    • Lifetime Access to Web3 Doers PRO

    • NFT Membership Pass that You Can Sell in the Future on the Open Market

    • Access to all Mastermind and Community Calls, Speed Networking Events and to all Recordings

    • Growth Sprints and Accountability Programs

    • Exclusive PRO Chat Access

    • Growth Resources, Frameworks and access to the Knowledge Club

    • PRO Members-only Perks

    • And even more benefits coming soon!

    ⏳ Subscription model

    $100 / month

    If you prefer the flexibility of a monthly membership, you can join using our subscription model. Going forward, all new memberships will be based on this approach.Please note that this Cohort #3 is the last opportunity to pay $1,000 (i.e. for 10 months) as a one-off lifetime membership!

    What you get:

    • Only monthly or annual access, that you need to renew every subscription cycle.

    • Access to all Mastermind and Community Calls, Speed Networking Events and to all Recordings

    • Growth Sprints and Accountability Programs

    • Exclusive PRO Chat Access

    • Growth Resources, Frameworks and access to the Knowledge Club

    • PRO Members-only Perks

    • And even more benefits coming soon!

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